Valentine Gift Guides

Hey all! Thank you for stopping by!

I am so excited to share these gift guides with you! I did add a few splurge items under the men gift guide because I feel like men can be difficult to shop for, especially if you have a man in your life like mine… Anywho, these items should all be Amazon Prime, these are affiliate links so if you do decide to purchase anything I do receive a few cents, literal cents maybe a dollar off each item. This however has no additional cost to you, so you can still shop as you would! I did try to keep them all under $30 (besides the two splurge items). I hope you and your loved ones have an amazing Valentine’s Day and please feel free to tag me in your story if you have decided to shop from these! I would love to know how your special day was!

As mentioned in my stories over on Instagram, I will be making a few treats for Kamden’s lunchbox and maybe send some to school with him but I will have to check with his teacher to make sure it’s allowed before doing so, but I will share as I go! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

For Her:

  1. – Hello gorgeous coffee mug $15
  2. – Rose gold bracelet $25
  3. – Blue light glasses $16
  4. – Plush fleece slippers $24
  5. – My every day Maybelline mascara, normally $8, looks like $5 right now!!
  6. – Studded earrings $30
  7. – Box of Godiva chocolates $18
  8. – Cocod’or flower reed diffuser (pictured: lovely peony, real flower 6.7 oz) there are so many other options on this one as well $19
  9. – Letter necklace, also comes in rose gold $12 (looks more expensive than pictured).
  10. – Boxed rose gold rose $30

For Him:

  1. – The ultimate game for couples $25
  2. – Carhartt winter hat, comes in multiple colors $15
  3. – Yeti cup, comes in multiple colors $25
  4. – Carhartt winter gloves, comes in black also $26
  5. – Spice set, 6 other options $25
  6. – Beard care kit $27
  7. – Yeti cooler (if you’re going above and beyond…) $200
  8. – Engraved wallet card $15
  9. – JBL Speaker (again, if you’re going all out) $75
  10. – Whiskey glasses $30

For Kids:

  1. – CC Pom Pom ear hat, comes in so many other colors $10
  2. – Big sis little sis necklace $11
  3. – Set of three teddy bears $20
  4. – Kids Carhartt hat, also comes in multiple colors $9
  5. – “Not Parent Approved” kid card game (kids version of cards against humanity, I would so get this for Kamden and his friends) $25
  6. – Walkie talkies, comes in blue pink red & yellow $20
  7. – Girl plush slip on slippers $20
  8. – CAT puzzle for 5+ $10
  9. – Microphone, comes in three other colors $23
  10. – Jar of M&Ms $7

Love always,

How to Take Off Dip owder

Hi all! First things first, I just wanted to take a second to check in on you during this uneasy time. I hope you are all doing well & taking this time to reflect on yourself and your own personal improvements. Whether that be cleaning your home, taking a bubble bath at night, reading a book or doing your own nails. Whatever makes you happiest, I hope you are getting to do more of that during this time. For me, keeping busy with cooking, cleaning, nails, make up, skincare and using my blog and Instagram have been keeping me busy! While yes, we are stuck at home, we can try to make the best of it. I know my nails have grown out horribly and I know a lot of you are struggling to get your own dip / gel nails off that we’re professionally done at a salon. So I’m making this blog post to help you get them off without ruining your nails! I have made a blog post for shellac nails already so if you currently have shellac nails, hop on over here.

So step one: File the top of your dip until the top coat is off of your nails.

Step 2: Take a cotton ball and rip it in half, I bought these nail clips off amazon for super cheap. Cover the cotton ball in acetone and let soak on your dip powder for 8-10 minutes.

Step 3: After 8-10 minutes rub off any loose dip powder.

Step 4: repeat steps 1, 2 & 3. File again, let cotton ball soak off dip powder & rub off access

Step 5: Rub off remaining dip powder. This is what mine looked like when all the powder was off:

Be patient with this process so you don’t break off your natural nails.

These are affiliate links so if you do deicide to purchase anything, it costs nothing additional for you!

Nail Clips:
File Blocks & File:
Cotton Balls:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Biweekly Grocery Haul

  • Thursday: Ham Steak & Sweet Potatoes
  • Friday: Hot Dogs & French Fries
  • Saturday: Kielbasa & Veggies
  • Sunday: Leftovers
  • Monday: Paninis & Chips
  • Tuesday: Taco Bowls
  • Wednesday: Chicken with Roasted Garlic Dressing & Veggies
  • Thursday: Sloppy Joes & French Fries
  • Friday: Out to Eat
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Smoked Sausage, Onions & Peppers
  • Monday: Shrimp, Rice Pilaf, Summer Squash & Zucchini
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti & Meatballs
  • Wednesday: Leftovers
  • Thursday: Chicken & Italian Cherry Potatoes

Shopping list:
1 lime
Summer squash
Head of lettuce
Sweet potatoes
Cherry potatoes
Rainbow peppers
Gluten free bread
Gluten free spaghetti
Wonder bread
Burger buns
Frozen Shrimp
Black Beans
Taco seasoning
Sloppy joe seasoning
Tomato paste
Marinara sauce
Taste of Inspirations roasted garlic marinade
Italian dressing
White rice
Rice Pilaf
Chicken x 2
Hamburger x 2
Smoked sausage
Ham steak
Hot dogs
Frozen Fries

Cutest Hat and Flip Flop Combo!

Hi Everyone happy Sunday!

I finally caved and ordered the cutest hat from Amazon!! It’s under $20 and so worth it. I had a total confidence boost the day I wore this!

My flip flops were only $6 when I bought them, but the price fluctuates on Amazon so now I belive they are $12. Size up half a size – I bought my true size 7.5 and will re-order a size 8 to have a little extra room! (Can’t return the 7.5 because my dog chewed one…. – get a dog they said.. it’ll be fun!) Kidding – I love love love my puppy. I have listed the links below!


Belt Buckle Fedora is linked here! Color: Camel

Flip flops are linked here! Color: Brown

I hope everyone enjoys their week!


College Grad!!

My college journey has taken longer than expected BUT I finished, I personally don’t think it matters how long it takes you to graduate as long as you finish.

College for me was definitely not necessary and now I have more debt than my jeep cost me.

Do I regret it?? Heck no! I’m actually really happy with my degree. Liberal studies with a focus of scince! My ultimate goal was to be a dental hygienist…. that changed soon after I became a dental assistant and found out that life was not for me!

I now am a claims adjuster and love my job and everyone I work with.

I met amazing people along my journey, at one point I was working 3 jobs and coaching a high school cheer team all while being a full time student. Yes I failed classes because I put 0 effort into it and ran out of time doing homework when I waited until the last minute on a Sunday night! But I still finished.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason and if I didn’t take this path, I wouldn’t have met Kev (see the handsome guy below).

In this journey I have found who my true friends are, and who the most supportive people are in my family are and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

I wanted to point out that I loved my shoes for graduation – these are perfect for weddings, graduations, work, date night and honestly anything else!

Here is the link for my nude heels!


3 Cute and Casual Black Pant Outfits

Hi everyone!

I feel like it’s been a minute since I’ve posted!

I have been trying to collect content for my Instagram and be more consistent over there before I try and be consistent on my blog! SO, I have a few cute #Spring work attire outfits I’d like to share with you!

These are all paired with black skinny jeans!

Nothing looks more business than black bottoms with a black blazer with a cami underneath that is not too low cut.

If you are in a business casual setting you could easily pair your jean jacket you got back in the day with your black jeans. This is by far one of my most favorite outfits to wear to work.

Lastly, the most basic & easiest.

Pair your black jeans with a blouse – any blouse honestly! This is my “I don’t know what to wear” go to look.

Anyways, happy Friday all! I’m happy to be back.


How To Do Your Own Gel Nails

OK, first things first – if you’re not following my instagram yet, that would be the first place to start! My handle is: thebasicsofbrittany – or just click the “instagram” option at the top!

If you’re serious about doing your nails at home start with the starter kit: – This will save you money from all the links in the captions below. I restock because I’ve used mine so much.

I would read once before you start your nails just to get an idea of what you’re doing and then keep this open until you’ve gotten the hang of it.

If you have gel on your nails already and unsure how to get them off – this is how!!

First, buff/file your nails with a filing block or file to get the top coat off or “open” so the nail polish remover can sink in,

Next, go into your kitchen grab your aluminum foil, then go to your bathroom and grab your fingernail polish remover and cotton balls. Then rip your cotton balls in half, put the nail polish remover on the cotton ball, (I just put the cotton ball on the top of the fingernail polish remover bottle and flip and I’m good to go). Then put the wet cotton ball on your filed fingernail and wrap with aluminum foil. I like to leave enough room for the foil to be wrapped around my finger and enough to fold over the top of my fingers to I don’t have to hold it.

Cotton balls:
Clips to hold foils(I’m so purchasing these):
Nails polish remover:
Foil with cotton:

Then wait about 5-7 minutes before taking the cotton balls and foils off.

Nifty tool:

There is this nifty tool which I don’t know the name of, all I know is it takes the gel off my nails. Clearly my gel wasn’t ready to come off so just put your foils and cotton balls back on and wait a few more minutes. The gel should come off pretty easily.

Cotton balls:
Clips to hold foils:
Nails polish remover:
Foil with cotton:

After you waited, check your nails again. They should be good to go.

Nifty tool:

Yep – good to go.

filers(this is the exact one I have & it comes with so many colors):

This is that “filing block” that I was talking about a little earlier, I found these and my filers that you’ll see next on Amazon for superrrrr cheap. I’ll link them here!

So what you’ll do with the filing block is buff your nails. Not too much because you don’t want to damage your nails more than you already are. Buff them until the gel and what looks like a base coat is off of your nails and all of your nail looks “dull.”


When the tops of your nails look dull like this, it’s time to shape your nails! I am trying to get a square look but my nails clearly need to grow a little bit more. When I do my nails in two weeks they will be the perfect length!! When you’re done shaping them, go rinse your hands off with just water – trust me you’ll want to do this because if there is anything like dust/dirt whatever on your hands it’ll get in your gel and it’ll ruin a whole bottle of your gel polish.

Gel cleanser:

Now that you’re back from washing your hands and making sure your hands are super dry, grab your gel cleanser. Add a little bit to a paper towel or a “lint” free paper towel – this stuff comes out fast so be careful. Use the wet part and rub it on all of your nails, it’s easier to keep your nails clean if you do one hand at a time. I file and shape all of mine and then do my left hand and then my right.

Primer & base/top coat:

Next is your gel primer, give the cleanser about 30 seconds to dry then apply your primer to all 5 of your fingers on whatever hand you’re starting with! This takes a little longer to dry/settle so I normally give it 30 seconds to a minute before I go in with my base coat.

Gel base & top coat:

Now you’re ready to start painting! Finally right? This is what your nails should look like after you put the primer on.

Now put a thin layer of this base coat on your nails. The thinner coats you do the better the end result of your nails will be! Just make sure you have the whole nail covered and light cure. I normally press my button twice for this one. I believe that makes it a minute but I have the older version of this kit so I’m not really sure.

Gel Polish:
(These are so much cheaper at Walmart!)

Once your base coat is “dry” (it will be sticky so don’t touch any part of your nails) add 2-3 THIN coats of your color. With lighter colors I normally do 3 coats – no matter what. Darker colors cover better which is why I normally just stick with 2 coats. So in between your color coats I just click my button once for the first and second coats, on the third coat I will light cure for the 2 clicks.

Gel base & top coat:

Obviously I’m not a licensed nail tech/artist so you can see where the gel builds up if you do too thick of a coat (on my pinky). No worries though, it’ll just break off and look so stinking good after as long as you don’t peel it off yourself. Just let it fall off. Now put your final coat of top coat – again thin is the best and I cure this for 3 clicks because I need to make sure my nails are hardened. The dishes are not going to do themselves.

Gel cleanser:

Now that your top coat is hard get a new section of your paper towel and add a little gel cleanser, you can be rough with this part, your nails are dry! This is where I like to literally scrub around my nails and get any of the extra polish off my skin, and I like to make sure my gel has a nice shine after – which is what this is for.

This is the final product! Not salon quality but so worth saving that extra penny. The more you do this, the better your nails will be… trust me, I have come a long way with this!

Let me know if you have any questions!!


All My Amazon Booties

You already know these are going to be my go to spring/summer bootie – I cannot wait to pair these with summer outfits! True to size, I bought my 7.5!

Spring/Summer Bootie:

Everyone needs a black bootie in their closet. These are SO comfy, so stinking cute! True to size, I bought my 7.5!

Black Booties:

These are my favorite go to Fall riding boots. True to size, I wear a 7.5. So comfortable and can wear with so many things. I bought a long sleeve T-shirt dress and a blanket scarf to pair with these boots and they went so well together, highly recommended. Link dropped here.

Riding boots:

I thought I would give you a closer look at these shoes to show you what they actually look like, I am in love with all of them and I have more in the cart waiting to checkout.. Be sure to take a picture of yourself and tag me if you end up purchasing these booties!! If you have any questions you can find me on the gram!