Office Appropriate

Every day I am debating on whether or not to wear my black jeans – if you work in an office, or you’ll shortly be working in an office….. You’ll need many black pairs of jeans/dress pants! So easy to match things with. The blazer I think runs a little small, I ordered my true size (small) and the sleeves were a little tight so I would definitely recommend sizing up in this! There are also SO many different colors to choose from. This is also under $25!!


OK so if you know me, you know that I don’t own any purses besides my Coach Clutch that was a Christmas gift! I was shopping Amazon of course and talked myself into purchasing this purse set. How stinking cute is this?! The purse I’m holding in the picture above is the one in the back left, which was only $40 – it also included all the little extras in the picture!! Literally $40 for all of this! They have this in 8 different colors – I ordered beige!


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