Cutest Hat and Flip Flop Combo!

Hi Everyone happy Sunday!

I finally caved and ordered the cutest hat from Amazon!! It’s under $20 and so worth it. I had a total confidence boost the day I wore this!

My flip flops were only $6 when I bought them, but the price fluctuates on Amazon so now I belive they are $12. Size up half a size – I bought my true size 7.5 and will re-order a size 8 to have a little extra room! (Can’t return the 7.5 because my dog chewed one…. – get a dog they said.. it’ll be fun!) Kidding – I love love love my puppy. I have listed the links below!


Belt Buckle Fedora is linked here! Color: Camel

Flip flops are linked here! Color: Brown

I hope everyone enjoys their week!


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