Valentine Gift Guides

Hey all! Thank you for stopping by!

I am so excited to share these gift guides with you! I did add a few splurge items under the men gift guide because I feel like men can be difficult to shop for, especially if you have a man in your life like mine… Anywho, these items should all be Amazon Prime, these are affiliate links so if you do decide to purchase anything I do receive a few cents, literal cents maybe a dollar off each item. This however has no additional cost to you, so you can still shop as you would! I did try to keep them all under $30 (besides the two splurge items). I hope you and your loved ones have an amazing Valentine’s Day and please feel free to tag me in your story if you have decided to shop from these! I would love to know how your special day was!

As mentioned in my stories over on Instagram, I will be making a few treats for Kamden’s lunchbox and maybe send some to school with him but I will have to check with his teacher to make sure it’s allowed before doing so, but I will share as I go! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

For Her:

  1. – Hello gorgeous coffee mug $15
  2. – Rose gold bracelet $25
  3. – Blue light glasses $16
  4. – Plush fleece slippers $24
  5. – My every day Maybelline mascara, normally $8, looks like $5 right now!!
  6. – Studded earrings $30
  7. – Box of Godiva chocolates $18
  8. – Cocod’or flower reed diffuser (pictured: lovely peony, real flower 6.7 oz) there are so many other options on this one as well $19
  9. – Letter necklace, also comes in rose gold $12 (looks more expensive than pictured).
  10. – Boxed rose gold rose $30

For Him:

  1. – The ultimate game for couples $25
  2. – Carhartt winter hat, comes in multiple colors $15
  3. – Yeti cup, comes in multiple colors $25
  4. – Carhartt winter gloves, comes in black also $26
  5. – Spice set, 6 other options $25
  6. – Beard care kit $27
  7. – Yeti cooler (if you’re going above and beyond…) $200
  8. – Engraved wallet card $15
  9. – JBL Speaker (again, if you’re going all out) $75
  10. – Whiskey glasses $30

For Kids:

  1. – CC Pom Pom ear hat, comes in so many other colors $10
  2. – Big sis little sis necklace $11
  3. – Set of three teddy bears $20
  4. – Kids Carhartt hat, also comes in multiple colors $9
  5. – “Not Parent Approved” kid card game (kids version of cards against humanity, I would so get this for Kamden and his friends) $25
  6. – Walkie talkies, comes in blue pink red & yellow $20
  7. – Girl plush slip on slippers $20
  8. – CAT puzzle for 5+ $10
  9. – Microphone, comes in three other colors $23
  10. – Jar of M&Ms $7

Love always,

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